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Alex W - Detroit Techno Archive IV (DTA4 - Detroit Techno Archive) vinylAlex W - Detroit Techno Archive IV (DTA4 - Detroit Techno Archive)  vinyl Alex W - Detroit Techno Archive IV (DTA4 - Detroit Techno Archive) vinyl

BASSBIN > Все лейблы > Detroit Techno Archive > Alex W > Detroit Techno Archive IV
Alex W - Detroit Techno Archive IV (DTA4 - Detroit Techno Archive)  vinyl
Исполнитель: Alex W
Название: Detroit Techno Archive IV
Лэйбл: Detroit Techno Archive
Кат. Номер: DTA4
Год выпуска: 2014
Формат: vinyl

Detroit Techno, Deep Techno

Новая сольная пластинка российского музыканта Alex W!
Релиз поддержали:
Rod Modell What can I say... one of the most beautiful techno tracks I've heard in a long time (#1). Pure Detroit brought up to date. Lots of Transmat influence in the second one. Great stuff.
Anthony Shakir i saw. you hot some good tracks
Francis Charlier Great track !!!!
Luca Ildiavolo La Porta I'm listening right now... nice job
Terry Mitchell All excellent tracks but I think the last is my preference. FULL support!
Overtone Funk A great EP Alex! Both tracks are melodic, deep and groove based.. just as I like it..! i'll slam the originals in my next mix for sure. Keep them comming..!
Rob Heenan This sounds great man, will definitly pick up a copy : ) cheers for the heads up ...
James Johnson Alex your ep is fantastic! Loved it! I liked all the tracks but the one that sticks out to me is Salamander. Solid release!
Mark Dryden Really nice stuff Alex..keep up the Good Work Mate!!! : }
Malcolm Prima Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your digital sending that i've downloaded. So here's my feedback. Good EP in a classical Detroit vein i like so much. Salamander is my fav. I'll play it for sure All the best !
Michael Mitchell Yep loving that great stuff mate
Marshall Jefferson very nice Alex, thanks
Цена: 350руб. Продано
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